01 September 2012

August Claws- Blue, Pale Grey, Pink

According to the clock, it's already September but I'm still awake so my brain doesn't think so! Are you like that too, not counting it a new day until you've gone to sleep and woken up again? On to the last of my August Claws.

I did China Glaze "Blue Sparrow" for the 4th. It would have been one of my brother's 49th birthday, if he hadn't passed away from Leukemia. I wanted to do a cool color that he'd approve of. I think he would have liked this neon electric blue shade. It has aqua glitter suspended in it's slightly jelly-like base. It dries matte and is top coat hungry. I used my Revlon top coat before applying Poshe and that worked really well. Normally I end up doing extra top coats, and this time I didn't need to do anything else.
In the sun with one of my brother's favorite drinks, wearing China Glaze "Blue Sparrow".
China Glaze "Blue Sparrow" with Indirect light
Next I felt like doing something pale. The one that called out to me this time was "Sheer Your Toys" by OPI. This polish was not sheer, despite it's name. It is a shimmery pale dove grey with very subtle reddish copper flecks in it. There is also a bit of even more subtle pink shimmer too.
OPI "Sheer Your Toys" with Flash
OPI "Sheer Your Toys" in the sunshine
The month ended with pink claws! Orly "Sterling Silver Rose" is a bright mid-tone pink with a slightly frosty silver finish. It had the desire to be difficult and show every brush stroke at times but submitted nicely to me in the end ;)
Orly "Sterling Silver Rose" in the shade
Orly "Sterling Silver Rose", soaking up the sun!
I'm not sure what will be going on my claws after this. I may let them go colorless for a bit to test the new treatments I got. Good night and welcome to September!

Happy Scratches!
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