09 November 2015

Review: Revlon Gel Envy color and Diamond Top Coat

I made a little journal of my thoughts as I was trying out the Revlon Gel Envy in Cardshark, here it is if you're interested

Morning of 10-25-2015:
Painted two somewhat sloppy coats of Cardshark yesterday as a quick swatch with no top coat. Seeing tip wear and small chips this AM. Will put on a fresh coat of color and the Diamond Top Coat after church today. Very curious to see how well this wears for me. Have read great reviews on some blogs.

Evening of 10-25-2015:
Got the extra coat of color and TC applied. Sat in the sun outside for 10-15 minutes while it cured and de-stunk. The formula of this polish is OK. A bit on the thin side and kind of streaky but it seems like that is the case for most pastels. Got pooling around my cuticles so I went back a few hours later with a brush and acetone to clean that up and hopefully the picking at it later will be reduced. This shade is really complimentary to my skin tone. My fingertips look really tan!

Evening of 10-26-2015:
Well, it was nice while it lasted. This polish started chipping off in big, peely flakes this afternoon. I do think it deserves another chance though because I've been washing my hands with Hibiclens and that's probably not been the best. Kind of mad because I didn't get any shots after I cleaned up the edges with my acetone and brush.

My final verdict on this polish and top coat is I will try them again in the future. I will prep my nails better and do clean up right away. If I get the same results again they will go into the dusty pile.

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