29 July 2010

Still At It...

Hello Dear Readers!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still out here in the land of the living. Please accept my apologies for the lack of postings lately. It has been crazier than usual around here. Having my oldest cat get very sick, studying for midterms,and general keeping up with day to day life has taken more effort lately. It hasn't been all bad and stressful though!

The first bit of good news is that with the aid of more medication it looks like my cat Roofus will be around for a bit longer, which is wonderful because although I've made peace with the fact that he is really old for a cat (18 years old!) I really wish our happy times here would never end. So in addition to his previous medications there are more pills to keep Roofus's tummy happy, and he is also on a trial run of Subcutaneous Fluids to help keep him hydrated and flushing things out more effectively. He was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism several years ago and is now in Chronic Renal Failure as well.

The other good news is that my current GPA is an A! I have never had an A average before in my life! I will admit that one of these classes is a re-take, but still, I have never had such motivation in the past with school as I do now.

I am in the process of writing my reviews of the LUSH cosmetics hand creams and hope to have those up for you to read starting within the next seven days. Still have not decided if they will all be lumped together in one post or if each cream will get its own entry. I also hope to add more pages at the top soon, about my usual mani & photography routine and Disclaimers & Disclosures

That is all for now...
Happy Scratching!
(mew) carakitty   >^. .^<

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