27 September 2010

Orly Galaxy Girl

I had seen a few swatches of this one posted on my Google Reader feed and really liked what I saw on my screen. When I had a 'Coffee + Color' outing with a gal pal and saw this beauty in person it had to be mine! I told my friend to not let me leave the store without it no matter what! See, I have a tendency to pick up a color that I like and put it back on the shelf and leave, then regret it and kick myself black + blue once I get home. I kept this bottle in my hot little hand but I know my friend would have pulled through for me if I had lost my senses.

Then I was at the mall a couple days later and the MAC sales associate thought I'd gotten my hands on a promo bottle of Formidable. She said that my polish looks exactly like it and I told her that I wish I was on the companies promo lists! But that verbal exchange further cemented my love for this polish. And sadly, my picture does not do it justice at all. 
This lacquer is a beautiful deep plummy eggplant base which has a fuchsia shimmery flash to it at some angles and a teal-aqua flash at other angles. The formula was Orly's usual greatness: thin, so it dried quickly but not so thin that it was streaky or hard to work with. I did a base coat of Zoya Armor, painted on 2 coats of color and finished off with the Zoya Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops. 


  1. Lovely! That is one beautiful color, Cara!

  2. Thanks for being it's Guardian Angel! Hope to see you again soon =)