23 October 2010

Still Painting... ^_^

Hello Lovely Readers!
I'm still painting and all my other stuff! Sadly, the pictures I took of the last couple manis didn't turn out well at all. I'm really sad about that because Sapphire In The Snow and Suzi Says Da! Are both a couple of my favorite colors! =( Sapphire In The Snow is a rich, deep, purple tinged navy with a creme finish and Suzi Says Da! is another creme finish in a shade of rich chocolate, like melted fudge. Both felt perfect for the cooler weather we're finally having!

My current mani is China Glaze Hippie Chic. I felt like wearing this one because so many of the trees by my house have this color dressing their leaves. Not to mention, it's been in my untried section for quite a while!

As I was taking the pictures I was reminded though, that the attack of the dries is well begun. Dry air, dry skin, dry lips (I put on my Clove Burt's Bees lip balm about 50 times today). But I hope you like seeing this color. It's my usual recent routine of a coat of Zoya Anchor, 2 coats of color and the Zoya fast dry drops. I hope you enjoyed seeing this color!

Happy Fall and Happy Scratches!
(mew) carakitty >^. .^<

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