15 July 2011

Recent Paintings

Hello Everyone! It's been a long time again, hasn't it? Well, I've missed you so I thought I would pop in real quick to share some of my recent paint jobs. =)

This one is an old Maybelline called Twinkle Twinkle. I got it at a dollar store. It was my originally planned Independence Day mani but it 'died' and then I decided on a different color.

Here we have a shade by Orly called Charged Up. I have become a slight baseball nut lately and got it in my head that I must obtain as many nail polishes as possible to match my team colors.

Last for now is my sort-of current shade. It is My Private Jet by OPI, shown here with the bottle of my brand-spankin-new Rockies purple. The purple is All Purpled Up by Ruby Kisses and is now over the MPJ.

Tomorrow will hopefully be nice and sunny so some shots can be taken of this glittery holo goodness which is gracing my nails right now!

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