12 August 2011

Pardon the Interruption

I've not been painting as much this past week. I've had midterms to study for and there's been baseball to watch of course, and we got a dog! =)
Chief is a big (90 pounds!) Yellow Lab and a retired service dog. We already love him to bits and couldn't ask for a better dog. He assisted my mother in law for 5 years and he has our whole heartfelt gratitude for that and we only hope our repayment of hugs + kisses and lots of play time will tell him of our undying thanks.

My most recent mani is a franken I made. This is my favorite shot of it. I love gazing at it in the sun, the sparkles really pop and the redness comes out to play!

In the shade and inside it's mostly black. Do you have a color like this in your stash? What is it's name? That's all for now, hope to mew at you soon!

Happy Scratches,
carakitty  >^. .^<

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