30 June 2010

China Glaze Up All Night

Hello again, readers! I'm so glad I was able to do a rough draft of this review and take my pictures early because this week has been absolutely crazy. I picked up a free bedframe from a friend of mine and moved it into temporary storage all on my own, made an out of the area trip for picking up a hat a friend knitted for me, and another quarter of school started this week too! So, I've been wearing a mani with China Glaze Up All Night and yesterday evening it finally died. It got pretty banged up during the bed moving and I started picking at the dents. "BAD KITTY!" I know, I deserve a slap on the paws =( But, I did take pictures of it before the chaos ensued so, with no further delay, here is my review and a couple pictures for you!

One of my goals with this blog is to feature currently available shades when ever possible. So, in researching Up All Night I was a bit shocked to find it on the China Glaze site listed in the Archives of 2005! Originally released in the Patent Leather collection with quite a wide range of other colors along side it, Up All Night was one of the darkest of the bunch. Thankfully though, China Glaze now also has Up All Night as part of their core collection so if you are lusting after this deep, midnight blue with a slight shimmer, it shouldn't be too hard to find. I've seen it both at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta.

This is my sunshine shot
Please pardon the ding on the index finger. I didn't realise the paint wasn't completely dry, picked up a book to read to my daughter and BAM! there it was. And the ridges in my middle finger are no fault of the products. That is just the funky growing out parts from the door damage.

Here is a shot with indirect light
Both of these were taken in the morning, in my bathroom. I hope you enjoyed seeing Up All Night, because this mani is now dead! I'm now trying to think of something dark yet patriotic to do for this weekend. Then I will do a celebratory theme, because it's my daughter's birthday on the 6th. =)

Happy Scratching!
(mew) carakitty   >^. .^<

*Disclaimer: The bottle of China Glaze Up All Night was obtained through a swap. The remainder of products were purchased by me*

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