25 June 2010

Revlon Vixen

Revlon's Vixen has been a must-have in my polish collection since the mid 90s. So basically, the start of time in my nail painting world ;) This deep burgundy wine creme is certainly vampy but also sexy and sophisticated. This is one of my only colors which has been used up more than once! It feels right when worn with conservative clothes or the more alternative fashions.

For this application I used one generous coat of CND Stickey as a base, two coats of color, and the amazing Seche Vite fast dry fast top coat to finish things off. At the last moment, I mattified the ring finger with essie Matte About You top coat.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies, and for bearing  with me as I work out the kinks of taking good pictures and growing out my wounded middle finger. If enough interest is expressed in the story of how it happened, a post may be made- gory pictures and all!

Happy Scratching!
(mew) carakitty   >^. .^<

*Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me*


  1. Hi there!! Welcome to the blogesphere!! Saw ur post on MUA and came to check you out!! I am now a follower and will be adding you to my nlogh list www.levernischocolat.blogspot.com

    Again, welcome!!

  2. Thanks for the welcome and first comment!
    I look forward to seeing what you have to share as well =)

  3. Cara! I'm so excited for your blog! (and a LOT jealous). Your nail is growing out well -- I personally would love to hear the story again! Great color -- It looks a little like Essie Wicked -- is it close?

    Yay, you!!

  4. Myrna,
    Vixen + Wicked just might be twins! I will see if one of the salons in the mall has a bottle I can compare it to. I'm happy with the progress my 'Midge' is making too. =) started taking Biotin again so hopefully that will help things right along.

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