12 July 2012

Chloe + Grey, Blue-Ming, Galapa-Ghost

I have lots of pictures for you today! I am trying to make up for the fact that the sun didn't come out like I had hoped it would before I changed my color again. I did get a couple decent shots of the Zoya Chloe over salon grey though. I forgot to use my quick dry top coat and ended up with sheet marks. Care to join me in a big "BOO!"? Other than that, I was pretty pleased. The final color was a greyed-out mauve base with the color shifting flakes. I'm looking forward to trying many other combinations with Chloe in the future!

This first shot was taken at night with my on-camera flash.
Here is what it looked like in the overcast afternoon light.

Next I wore OPI "The Flowers Are Blue-Ming" which is a lovely shimmering royal sapphire blue with scattered tiny holographic glitter. It was released as part of the ULTA Summer 2012 Exclusive collection, "Too Haute To Handle". There is a good comparison to some Nicole by OPI shades over at Frazzle and Anipolish. I'm thankful for people who take the time to hunt down these twins ans show us side by side how they look!

That shot was taken at night with flash and it shows all the pretty shimmers and glitters the best! Apologies for the cropped off pinky finger, that one seems to have a mind of it's own. TFAB-M is also quite beautiful in the shade and indoor lighting as well.  Here is a look of it in late morning indirect light.
Sadly, I seem to have picked up some sort of sinus bug from my recent travels and this color was just too much for my stuffy head to handle so I took it off. I was worried that there would be staining because I forgot to use base coat, but it was good to go. The texture of this also changed from when it was freshly applied. The day after it got duller and bumpy, but that may be from the lack of base coat. Are there any nail tech reading this who can tell us if UV Gel tips should be used with a base coat or not?

To cleanse my palette and give wiggle room for layering possibilities I chose OPI "Galapa-Ghost" which was originally released in the South America collection in 2002. As a side note, I had forgotten that another one of my favorites, Dulce De Leche, was also part of this set. It is my favorite color when I do Mannequin Hands or just plain don't know what to wear! Let's get back to Galapa-Ghost, shall we? It is an ivory shade with a creme texture and has a slightly sheer or jelly finish. I used 2 coats originally but had to add a 3rd coat in the morning and it was completely opaque by then. This color would possibly work well for an American manicure tip. This is how it looked last night (oops, before cleaning up, sorry!) with the flash.
Here it is this morning in the sun...
... and with indirect light.
Now we're all caught up with my claws! I need to force myself out of this chair now for some meds to unclog my head, and do some housework. Ta ta for now!

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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