08 July 2012

Zoya Lotus, Gel Tips

I couldn't wait to wear Zoya Lotus! It is a beautiful dusty lilac with golden pink shimmer. I was really happy with how well it wore also. I had it on for four days before it started getting chippy and I only took it off because I got gel tips put on for my brother's wedding.
The last time I had tips put on was probably close to 15 years ago. I was a little nervous about getting them done because there was a miscommunication regarding which service I wanted, originally, but I am overall happy with the end result. And without further ado, meet my new claws!
I'm still not quite used to them yet. They feel so long! I do plan on keeping them on for a while, so when I go for the fill they will need to be trimmed down. The nail place I got them done at doesn't have locations where I currently am, so the hunt for a new salon is in the works!

Last night I added some Zoya Chloe on top of the pale grey. Today it has been really overcast, on the verge of raining again, and I have pictures but am waiting to post to see if the sun will pop out for a bit so the details of these beautiful flakies will show up better. It almost looks like there's opals on my nails!
Farewell for now and...
Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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