18 October 2015

From The Claw-Set- All of 2014

Going through my hard drive it looks like 2014 must have been very busy for me at the coffee shop. I have no NOTDs on file until October! I broke out the China Glaze Ick-A-Body. I think I've worn this at least once every year since it joined my collection! It is just perfect for fall I guess =)
Admiring my sparklies in the sunshine!

Looks like you could use some thinner, Ick-A-Body.
It looks like in November I did OPI Merry Midnight with Zoya Chloe on top.

Look at all the pretty shimmery glittery flakey goodness!
In December I kept it simple with a bright, festive, quick drying red. Rimmel Passion. A wonderful one coat wonder and the line has sadly been discontinued *crocodile tears*
And we are done catching up with the Claw-Set! I have gotten to do my nails a few times in 2015 so I will gradually be featuring those too. Thanks for stopping by and i hope to see you soon!

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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