31 July 2011

Hopping on the Crackle Train

Maybe I won't be gone from blogging here after all. It turns out my thumbs are surviving the abuses of my life so they can be featured for swatch shots and there's new pretties in my stash. So I've decided to just stick with it despite these little snags that keep happening. I've also decided I probably won't limit myself to doing only dark colors. They are fun and still reign as my favorite colors to wear, but there are so many other pretties out there.

The first Crackle I have for you is the black crackle by Sally Hansen, "Ink" topped with an old China Glaze, "Mer-Maid In The Shade". Normally the crackle is supposed to be the top coat but I did use a base coat and was interested to see if there would be a different effect layering on top of the crackle.
China Glaze "Mer-Maid In The Shade" over Sally Hansen Crackle "Ink"
 It actually turned out pretty consistent with what I imagined it would. I didn't think the crackle would un-crackle or anything and I love layering with Mer-Maid In The Shade.
The next ride on the crackle train was interesting as well. I am learning a little more about these special effect polishes each time I use them and it seems like the best results are achieved with thin coverage and long brush strokes. My thumbs turned out the best and the nails with thick crackle coats turned out with the results not as noticable.
China Glaze "Fault Line" over Finger Paints "Easel Come Easel Go"

This time I did a base of Finger Paints "Easel Come Easel Go" and topped it with China Glaze "Fault Line". These crackles are fun! I have a credit at Target so I'm hoping to go back and get more pretties soon!

Happy Scratches!
(mew) carakitty   >^. .^<

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