16 July 2011

My Private Jet / All Purpled Up

It has been a good morning so far- cinnamon rolls + coffee in my tummy and spent some time in the sun with my Canon for you! I did get some good representation of My Private Jet (by OPI) and All Purpled Up (by Ruby Kisses) so here they are.

This is the over all effect in direct sunlight. When in the shade, it looks like purple glitter over a black base. To see the holo of MPJ it needs to be in the bright light.

Now, to tell you more about that Ruby Kisses, All Purpled Up. It applied nicely. The glitter doesn't come out as packed on the nail as it appears in the bottle so I consider this one to definitely be for layering. I think it will look smashing over the similarly named Charged Up by Orly. Be careful to not let this one pool up around the cuticles or it will leave white crusties when it dries. I put two plain coats on my toes and two coats over MPJ on my tips. Here is a sample of All Purpled Up on it's own.
As you can see, the 'moon' of my nail shows through at the bottom but the amount of the glitter is still fairly dense. Most glitters are a pain to remove, but it seems like this one has a nice clear suspension so I have hope that my Army of cotton won't suffer too many losses.

Happy Scratches!
(mew) carakitty >^. .^<

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