11 September 2011

Catching Up!

Oh my, so many manis to share with you! School is over for me for a few months though and I am happy to be on a long break. I plan to get a part time job over the holidays possibly through until Valentine's Day.

After I had Green Up Your Act! on for a couple days, I did a purple layering combo. I love purple and we went to another Rockies game. =) The base color was China Glaze Flying Dragon which I did one coat of, and the top was two coats of Ruby Kisses All Purpled Up. I wish I would have done two coats of Flying Dragon for better color saturation but over all I really liked this mani! Here is the picture I took of it in direct sunlight.

Next was another purple, this time it was Deep Purple by Sally Hansen, in the Xtreme Wear line. I wish I could have sat with my hands under a magnifying glass while wearing this one! I loved the shimmery orchid base with the blue and pink micro shimmer sprinkled through it. This picture was taken in direct sunlight.
I was inspecting my slammed nail, which you can see here, and decided that pretty soon I'd be ready to paint it again. It still needed a bit more length to make evening out the surface easier. Adding Biotin back into my vitamin regime seems to be helping, and I'm being better about remembering to moisturize my cuticles. That slammed one gets a couple extra treatments per day usually, and I hope that helps.
Time for a palette cleanser! I still haven't tried some of the colors my dear Mama bought me when she visited with my Dad in July. It was time for a Coffee Break from Orly. My coffee isn't usually this light though. I still liked the color very much. It's name will be filed away for a day when I need an interview friendly, conservative type color to wear. Here is a shot of it with direct sun.

Whew! Almost done for the August manis! Last one I did that month was an old but beautiful OPI called Glacier Bay Blues. They made this one way back before blues and greens were all the rage and I am pretty happy I got my hands on a bottle of it, I recieved it in a swap with a member of the Make Up Alley Nail Board. I wasn't so happy with the application of this. Maybe it's thinned out with age, or maybe that is just how OPI made their polish back then but the thin consistancy really came out when looking at the color in bright light. This is two coats of color with my on camera flash.

There are so many pretty cool toned colored that show up with Glacier Bay Blues! At some angles it is navy, some angles it's almost purple, and others it is a foresty teal green. Here are a couple more pictures. This is in plain sun:
Here it is, also in sun, showing it's green side:
This really needs to be worn again so better shots can be taken. I could have sworn that I already had better pictures of this in my archives but I looked through all my old shots, by hand, and couldn't find anything!

OK, that is all for now. When I next post, you will get to see the September manis that I've done so far. There will be three or four to share. Thanks for reading this monster post!

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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