14 September 2011

Meet Up and Mini Haul

Hello from drizzle ville! So glad I don't have any urgent swatches to shoot because the weather out there is saying "NO WAY"! Yesterday I met up with my lovely friend M for "Coffee and Colors". We got to Caribu and neither one of us ended up with coffee in our cups! She got a heavenly fragrant Cinnamon tea and I got the "Apple Blast", a delicious concoction of apple cider, caramel, and whipped cream. The day was chilly and it felt so wonderfully autumnal! She gifted me with a bottle of Sally Hansen "Purple Pizzazz" and Icing "Epic Winning". You can click on all my pictures to make them bigger.
I know what I'm wearing on my tips for going to our next Rockies game! ;)
After we finished our drinks we went over to Ulta for our colors fix. I got myself this year's edition of Wet n Wild "Black Magic", China Glaze "It's Alive!" and Sally Hansen "Plum Luck", which I got as a back up for a discontinued Estee Lauder polish called "Naughty". I plan to use "Naughty" with another color to franken a new version of a color I wasn't so pleased with long ago. 
Flash and indirect sun

I can't wait to try "It's Alive" but am less than impressed by this year's "Black Magic" and plan to exchange it for something else. In the bottle there's some orange shimmer or micro glitter but unless you look closely in bright light, you can't see it on the nail. Here are pictures of it with and without flash so you can have a look.
Wet n Wild "Black Magic" with flash
Wet n Wild "Black Magic" no flash, indirect light
Currently on my tips is OPI "Merry Midnight" with an accent layer of Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure" on the thumbs and ring fingers. I think it is so pretty but it will have to come off soon. It got applied on the 11th and is definitely showing signs of growth and general wear. The left pinky actually does have "Black Magic" on it because I removed the polish on that one due to a monstrous chip and the desire to test swatch.
In the shade. Merry Midnight and Hidden Treasure accent layer.
Perhaps tonight it will all come off and there will be a late night mini haul swatch spree shot under the funky basement lights? Stay tuned...

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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