16 November 2011

Blue Mosaic and a Realization

I don't know what it is lately, but a mani on isn't on for much more than one full day. Call it short attention span, blame it on getting chips, it probably boils down to a bunch of things! My last color was Revlon "Blue Mosaic". It is small round sky blue glitter with large sky blue, silver and green hexagonal glitter in a clear base. It is packed pretty well, achieving almost full opacity with two coats. I knew there were going to be some clear spots on the nail from looking at the base so I did black tips underneath with one of my new Kiss Nail Art Paint pens. It was shockingly easy to use! At first the long brush scared me but then I found that it flicks into a nice line as long as there's not too much paint on the brush. It didn't show up as much as I had thought it would through "Blue Mosaic", which surprised me a bit. Fate had it that I got a chip on my ring finger, so I covered it up by putting some more black tip on top and it looked nicer with the black on top.
Revlon "Blue Mosaic" in sunshine with my apologies for dried out skin!
I had the opportunity to meet up with my wonderful Coffee and Colors friend again. This is our third time getting together and every time has been so much fun! The tradition is that we chat over coffee or tea at Caribou until we can't hold back the inevitable any longer then head over to Ulta, and usually finish off at Ross. We try not to spend too much while out, but we are both quite good at playing the innocent "Who, me? Enable?" role! I remembered to shoot our manis, and M is kind enough to let me share them both with you! Hers is Orly "Liquid Vinyl" (her go-to black) and one coat of Wet n Wild "Diamond in the Rough" which is part of the Ice Baby collection.
Camaraderie and Colors!
The 'realization' mentioned in the title wasn't hinting at the problem I seem to have with keeping my mani's on. I have realized that I don't like glitters all that much. Particularly large or sparsely distributed ones. Which is kind of depressing at the moment because it seems like /everyone/ has glitters for most or all of their new collections. It seems like there isn't much variety out right now and I'm not feeling excited about lots of this new stuff being released by nail polish companies. But my wallet points out that on the bright side, I'm not having a lemming baby boom either! So, most of the glitters in my stash are tucked away into an open box designated as 'overflow' and this is going to be a time for me to encourage myself to try new things!

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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