17 November 2011

Completely Different!

I am wearing a traditional pink and white French Manicure. This is so scary to me that it seems appropriate to turn back time to Halloween so the fright can be better justified. Just kidding! I was pretty much double dog dared into it when I had my Coffee and Colors get together and I've got these nice little nail art pens now so why the heck not? I've tried to do freehand french manis before, with disastrous results. I think this one, and the experiment with the black, turned out pretty nicely. Well, aside from the Revlon Vixen pedi bleeding onto the Poshe brush and streaking up these colors. I still need to work on making sure I don't glop on the lines too thick, but these long and skinny little brushes are worlds easier to use for a clean looking tip than the regular brushes, which is what was used for past attempts.
OPI "Pink-ing of You" indirect sunlight

For this French I used the Kiss Nail Art Paint pen in "White" and OPI "Pink-ing of You". The "White" seems streakier than the "Black" but the brush quality and function are still the same. The OPI color "Pink-ing of You" is featured in their core Soft Shades collection, and is a sheer petal pink. It did apply a little streaky. If visable nail line bothers you, it does look nice over pure white so you could layer it over that. If your skin tone is warmer it might look good over something like "Samoan Sand" or "At First Sight" as well. Both of those are by OPI, but I don't have them. I do have "Dulce de Leche" but I fear it's discontinued now because I didn't see it on their site and I don't want to suggest something if it can't be found any more.
Lit with flash
What do you think about these soft and natural looking claws? Shall I continue playing around with the French tips? I do have one more of the Kiss pens, in Silver Glitter. I also found an extra, skinny, eyeliner brush which is being donated to my nail tools supply. I did a quick tip with the sacrificial brush and it seems small enough to work well for free handing with the other colors in my stash.

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<


  1. I <3 your kitty so much... hehe >'.'<

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. Thank you, Exah!
    The kitty featured in this post is our "Cuddle Slut" Aurora. =) We have two other kitties as well.