10 November 2011

Cockatoo's Mystery

I have catching up to do, again. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? There are five colors to show you, so hopefully I will be able to have them all caught up very soon.

First I will share with you one of the other L'Oreal lacquers in the "Colors Take Flight" collection from a while ago. This one is Cockatoo's Mystery, which I wore from the 17th- 19th of October. I can see eye to eye with L'Oreal on this one! Those beautiful birds are a mystery to me, and describing the color is a bit of a challenge for me, too. Here it is in the afternoon sun. I will call it a medium toned shade of putty.
L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery, sunshine
Just for fun I tried to 'pose' with my Baby, but she is a bit camera shy and is particularly afraid of the flash. It makes her scream most of the time, so I opted to turn it off. She isn't the bird in the video I linked to, but it is a good example of how loud these birds can be! The lighting is somewhat dark here but you can see what this color looks like indoors.
Baby the Umbrella Cockatoo and L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery
When we welcomed Baby into our family I didn't fully understand what I was getting us into. If you think birds are cute, they can be, but they also need quite a bit of attention and before getting a bird do your research! (Link will open in new window. PLEASE read it if you are considering any sort of Cockatoo or other large bird) I have to admit, if I had read about Umbrella 'Toos more before hand, I probably would not have agreed to having Baby come live with us. I don't think we (but mostly me) are the greatest of match for her. But, what's been done is done and now I need to be the best Bird Mom I can be.

Next I will be showing you the other "Colors Take Flight" lacquer I got, Owl's Night.

Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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