05 June 2012

From the Claw-Set: January 2012

Hello my lovelies! I apologize for my absence. I went back to school for a quarter and was really trying to succeed this time. Unfortunately, I've learned that my school just isn't compatible with the way my brain learns, and what life throws at me in general. So, I won't be going back to that school but I haven't given up on getting a Veterinary Technician degree and certification. It's just on hold for a little while, again.

I haven't been posting, but still took pictures of nearly all the mani's I've done in the mean time. So the next few posts will be featuring these mani's from my "Claw-Set", which is much more fun than simply calling them "Archives", right?

Here's January! First, I made another Frankenpolish. I actually dreamed this up for my dear friend M, who is my official local coffee shop and nail stuff haul buddy. The last time we went out, we stopped into Ross and saw some interesting Cosmetic Art polishes. She wondered how they'd look together and I promised I'd play with them when I got the chance. This is what I came up with:
The dusty greyed lilac and flakies are the Cosmetics Arts polishes and I put in some Revlon "Facets of Fuchsia" as well. I need to play with this some more. I think it needs to be brighter and have more purple to live up to it's "Twilight Sparkle" name I gave it.

Next I did Rimmel "Blue Bird" and I really wish they'd bring back these exact polishes. I love the bottle shape, size of brush, the formula, drying time, geeze almost everything about this line!
Then I did China Glaze "Ruby Pumps" which is one of the greatest reds out there! It has a nice squishy cherry red jelly base and ruby red glitter which glistens in the most jewel like way. Check out that bottle too. It's so cute and little and tiny and it just makes me want to squeal! It comes in a full size too which I will get my hands on, eventually.

The last of January was Rimmel "Zietgiest" which is probably my most favorite multi-chrome of all time. It flashes purple, bronze, golden-green, and fuchsia. It's impossible to get all of it's awesomeness in one shot, so here's a trio of images attempting to show off the best of it.
I hope you enjoyed the January claws! I have a lot more free time on my hands now, so stay tuned for the upcoming installments of the rest of my early 2012 claws and the current ones to come!

Happy Scratches,
carakitty >^. .^<

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