13 June 2012

From the Claw-Set: May 2012

Yesterday we took my Precious to the airport for his business trip, and in the evening it was the Kitten's softball practice, so, another busy day but thankfully not as crazy as the weekend was! Here is what I did with my claws in May...

I started off with my franken "Dove".
Then it was Zoya "Juno".

Followed by OPI "Nantucket Mist".
And finished up with a tribute to the crest of Dinger, mascot of the Colorado Rockies.
The base color is Orly "Charged Up" and the dots are Orly "Lemonade", Zoya "Yummy", OPI "Don't Be Koi With Me", Revlon "Gumdrop", Revlon "White On White", and my franken "Forest".

We are all done peeking into the Claw-Set for now! Next will be catching up with the manis of June. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon...

 Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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