07 June 2012

From The Claw-Set: March 2012

Hello again my lovelies! Now I present you with not the Ides of March, but the Claws of March! Another slow month for coloring the claws. I only did it three times.

First I put on OPI "Catherine the Grape" From the Russian Collection of 2007. In the bottle it seems to lean more purple and when on the nail, burgundy tones come out more. I think that OPI did a really great job of matching the name with the color this time. It really does remind me of a grape on the vine and as in a glass for wine (YUM YUM)!
Next I put on Nicole by OPI "Green Up Your Act!" again. I saw the Rescue Beauty Lounge release of the Fan Collection and Halcyon really caught my eye. I hoped I'd be able to recreate it on my own so I put on the NOPI and queried my wise beauties over at the Makeup Alley Nail Board for suggestions on how to recreate this pretty little thing.
In the end I decided to try adding Pure Ice "First Love" and while it turned out pretty, it wasn't an exact replica of the RBL polish. I liked the multi-chrome effect so much that I kept it on for a good two or three days which feels like a really long time for me! Here's a couple shots to show the different color shifts it made.
Stay tuned for the Claw-Set installments of April and May and then the real fun will start up again!
Happy Scratches!
carakitty   >^. .^<

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